Jackpot Winners From Ephrata

Ephrata, Washington is located 65 miles northeast of Ellensburg on the Columbia Plateau. It is an agricultural based community of about 7,500 residents. Ephrata is also the county seat for Grant County and houses the county courthouse, sheriff’s office, and other services. The city is also now a bedroom community of Moses Lake, which is 20 miles to the southeast.

On January 4, 2011 the Mega Millions Jackpot reached $380 million, the second largest in its history. There were two tickets that perfectly matched the selected numbers and shared the prize. The winning tickets were purchased in Ephrata and Post Falls, Idaho. Post Falls is less than 200 miles east of Ellensburg on Interstate–90. The Mega Millions is a large multi–state lottery allows people in 41 states to purchase tickets.

Jim and Carolyn McCullar purchased their winning ticket at the Safeway grocery store in Ephrata. The couple has been married for 41 years. Jim, a retired Boeing employee is 68, while his wife is 63. They chose their winning numbers, which were 4, 8, 15, 25, and 47, with a Mega Ball number 42, based on their birthdays. The couple has previously had success with these numbers. They won more than $18,000 previously playing Keno in Oregon using birthday numbers.

The McCullars share of the jackpot is $180 million. After winning the jackpot, Jim quit his job at a real estate company in Ephrata. The couple vows not to blow the winnings saying they might buy an RV and a modest new home, but no mansions or private jets. The couple has not decided whether or not they will take the $90 million lump sum payment. The McCullars said they will make sure their family, which includes six children, 23 grand children, and 5 great grand children are taken care of for generations.

The other winning ticket was purchased by 29 year–old Holly Lahti of Rathdrum, Idaho. Ms. Lahti is estranged from her husband and has two children. She purchased her $190 million ticket at Ady's Convenience & Carwash in Post Falls. She promptly quit her job as a teller at Inland Northwest Bank.