Ellensburg Homes

Ellensburg is a pleasant place to live. It has a scenic setting in the Kittitas Valley surrounded by the Cascade Mountains and its foothills. Its dry climate attracts residents and retirees from the Seattle area, which is about a one hour forty–five minute drive to the west. Yakima, which is located thirty–five miles south, is within commuting distance. Ellensburg's open vistas and flat dry terrain are a stark contrast to Western Washington. Ellensburg also has great access to recreational activities such as fishing, golfing, hiking, mountain biking, and skiing.

Stuart Range

Ellensburg has seen significant growth over the past decade. Its population has grown more than ten percent to about 17,000 residents. Central Washington University's enrollment has increased and business' are attracted to its lower cost in relation to the Seattle area and educated workforce. Ellensburg is centrally located in the state and has good access to the west and east via Interstate–90 and to the south to Yakima and the Tri–Cities via Interstate–82.

Sundance Ridge

Ellensburg home prices increased dramatically between 2000–2007 as new home construction boomed, particularly on the west side of the city. Since 2007, Ellensburg real estate prices have decreased. The median price of a home in Ellensburg is presently about $200,000 but prices can vary greatly. Older homes in town are typically the most affordable. The most desirable places to live have mountain views or are near the Yakima River. Homes on the hills south of Ellensburg have commanding views of the Kittitas Valley and the Stuart Range, with mountains towering over 9,000 feet. Outside of the city, many homes have acreage and residents raise horses and other livestock. Ellensburg is known to be a bit windy so keep this in mind if you are looking for a new home.

Ellensburg is not a very racially diverse community. About eight–five percent of its residents are Caucasian. However, its Latino population has grown in recent years and is becoming more evident in the community and in businesses. Ellensburg has a public library, numerous parks, and several schools, including Ellensburg High School.